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By- Eunice Nyamoita

We have had a winter, a winter filled with hope and despair. Credit crunch and Obama optimism has filled the air for weeks. The main question is what awaits us individually and collectively when the euphoria of government induced economic stimulus settles and reality hits us. In the mean time, if you have booked a holiday, my advise is don’t let all these negative things stop you from going. Instead of canceling your holiday look for ways to make the most of what you have. This article is about getting full value for money.

As we if don’t know already, here are the grim facts; it has been reported that more than 8.3 million people have cancelled their holiday plans in the bid to save money during the credit crisis and a further 20 million people have either cut down or completely stopped taking regular trips to the pub. Many businesses have gone under, it is not just Lehman brothers who have gone under. It is reported that 26 airlines have gone bust and 910 pubs ceased trading in the first six months of 2008 alone.

My friend called me the other day and because the last time we spoke she was preparing for a holiday, I ventured to ask whether she was looking forward to sun bathing on safari. She retorted that unfortunately, they had had to cancel the holiday in the sun. Without any prompting, she added “we were supposed to go to Mombasa but with the high cost of the dollar, flights and hotels, we’ll be taking the kids to Skegness instead”. That hit me hard. How much do we know about holiday cancellation? If you cancel your holiday, for example, because of ill health or because you can no longer afford to go, you will usually lose your deposit or pay a cancellation charge. This may be almost the full cost of the holiday. This is because you will have broken the terms of the contract you made with the holiday trader when you booked your holiday.

The contract will usually say whether a cancellation fee has to be paid. If so, the amount given will usually be binding. If the contract does not allow cancellation, you will be liable for any losses that the holiday trader might have. Check to see whether your holiday insurance covers the cost of cancellation. Be careful if you are considering stopping your cheque, as the holiday trader may take you to court for compensation.

That brings me to another point. Last year most holiday firms are slashed deposits on summer breaks in a bid to reel in customers who were worried about an economic slump. Several companies cut up-front payments to just £10-30. Usually deposits taken in January for summer breaks have always been between £150 to £200 for a family of four travelling on a typical package holiday to popular European destinations such as Spain or Portugal. Cutting of deposits is said to have led to doubling of bookings. Be warned that although low deposits are a useful way for consumers to secure holidays early, in reality they don’t affect the overall cost of a holiday.

And if you cancel before the balance is due, the terms and conditions may demand that you pay the rest of the deposit. All said and done, it is true that most holiday companies has restructured their products such that instead of canceling holidays and holiday events, they are being scaled down. This is taking the financial pressure off businesses and allows people to enjoy their holiday party without cutting back. Some destinations are giving extras at no cost. So go for it. Remember holiday stress is real. Stress can also result from overspending and trying to complete all the tasks you have added to your schedules.

Before you leave home and even at your destination find out if you can get extras at no fee or at minimal fees. Asking for a bargain is not a bad practice abroad. Enjoy your holiday. You have worked hard so you deserve it.

Author Resource:- Rakesh E.N Babulal is a Travel consultant and runstravel article directories, he is a fun of blogs such as travel forums and he loves natureethnobiology.

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